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Wheatfield Primary and Nursery School, Belfast, Co. Antrim
Breakfast Club - 8:05-8:30am and school dinners are free for all pupils until the 22nd March.
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Primary 1

Hello!  Welcome to Primary 1.
In P1, Mrs Anderson is our teacher and Miss Bennette is our Classroom Assistant.  We love to learn, laugh and play together!  

We get to know our classmates, our teachers and our school and we have so much fun learning together.

in Literacy we learn reading, writing and phonics.  In the beginning we focus on phonological awareness.  We learn about syllables, alliteration, rhyming words and we learn to blend and segment words orally.   We learn the letter sounds and begin to build words and sentences and learn the correct way to form letters.  We use our phonics knowledge and learn reading strategies to help us become independent readers and writers.

in Numeracy we learn about Number, Shape, Space and Measure and Handling Data.  We learn a lot through songs and stories and through practical activities.  We use our World Around Us topics to make Numeracy fun, for example; in Autumn we will count, sort and weigh conkers, pine cones and acorns.  We create graphs for different colour leaves and we use natural materials that we collect on our Autumn walk to practice correct number formation.

Our World Around Us topics include, Autumn, Marvellous Me, Fairytales and Christmas, Whizzing Wheels, At the Farm, In the Jungle and Under the Sea.  From time to time our topics will change depending on the interests of the children.  

We also cover, PE, RE, PDMU and The Arts which are linked to our class topics where possible.

in P1 we participate in 1 hour per day of Play-Based Learning which is closely linked to our World Around Us topics and helps to reinforce our Literacy and Numeracy learning intentions.  Our aim is to take take learning outdoors as much as possible and we are constantly developing our outdoor play area to enhance outdoor play and learning.  We are now a Forest School and we enjoy participating in Forest School activities which help to develop independence, resilience, wellbeing, social skills, creativity, problem solving and the ability to share.  




16th Jun 2024
Nursery enjoyed a picnic and playdate to Glenbryn Park with P1s.  They had fun...
16th Jun 2024
P1 and P2 were very proud to show off at their big performance with The Crescemdo...
10th Jun 2024
Check out our video!
9th Jun 2024
P1 are enjoying their new topic 'In the Jungle' They have been exploring the story...

P1 Information

P1 begin their day by lining up on the school path at 8.45am.  Mrs Anderson will be there to meet everyone and walk the children into school. 

P1 finish every day at 2pm, however parents can arrange for children to attend our wrap around care- Superstars!

PE days are Tuesday and Friday.  Children can wear leggings, shorts or jogging bottoms to school with trainers.  Most children have PE slippers in school and will change their shoes for PE sessions. 

After Halloween, all children will receive homework.  Homework will be given out on a Monday and must be completed and returned on a Thursday.  We encourage reading every night.

On Fridays,  the children borrow a library book and must return it on the Thursday.  This will be a book of your child’s choice so it is possible they will borrow the same title multiple times.

We aim to have 2 sessions of Play-Based Learning per week ALL OUTDOORS.  The days below may change depending on weather and availability of resources.  We have purchased puddle suits for all children which will help on wet days.  Please remember to send your child with a warm coat, particularly on Tuesdays and Fridays.  All children are asked to leave 1 pair of wellies in school which are used for outdoor play sessions and outdoor learning around school.

Our topics in P1 are:

Term 1-Marvellous Me, Autumn, Fairytales, Christmas

Term 2 - Whizzing Wheels, Winter, At the Farm

Term 3- In the Jungle, Under the Sea, Spring/Summer

Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
Homework (after Halloween) Ulster Orchestra sessions (From Term 2) Holy Cross Shared Education sessions- dates will be confirmed through ClassDojo Library day Assembly
  PE Day   Return Homework PE Day
  Outdoor Play     Outdoor Play

Curriculum Information

October- December


The children will:

  • Learn the first 6 letter sounds in the Jolly Phonics Programme S A T I P N
  • Learn about initial sounds and begin to build and read simple words.
  • Learn to retell stories, make predictions, change story endings and create story maps.
  • Participate in Show and Tell.
  • Understand syllables and rhyming words.


The children will:

  • Count forwards to 20 and backwards from 15.
  • Recognise numbers to 10 
  • copy and continue patterns
  • explore 2D shape
  • sort collections of objects
  • compare and measure objects of different lengths using non-standard units.

World Around Us

The children will:

  • Explore Fairytales
  • Create simple maps of places from fairytales.
  • Discover the importance of castles
  • Recognise that seasonal change happens


The children will:

  • Become familiar with using the pen on the smart board - drawing, selecting programmes, dragging and dropping.
  • Explore Bee-Bot - programme Bee-Bot to move forwards and backwards and travel along a fairytale map.


The Arts

The children will:


  • Develop creativity through imaginative play - in the castle or in Santa’s Workshop
  • Learn Christmas songs and participate in the school Nativity.
  • Begin to follow a steady beat.
  • Paint pictures of Fairytale characters and settings.


The children will:

  • Become more aware of their feelings and ways to express their feelings.
  • Understand the Christmas Story.



The children will:

  • Participate in Fundamental Movement Skills with Coach Neil.
  • Dance and gymnastics with Mr McManus.
  • Move like characters from fairytales explored in the classroom

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