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Wheatfield Primary and Nursery School, Belfast, Co. Antrim
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Learning Support


Wheatfield Primary School is proud of the progress made by all pupil groups, including those with Special Educational Needs (SEN). The success of this provision at our school is due to the inclusive approach where pupils are taught in the classroom along with their peers through differentiated teacher support. In addition to this, in September 2023, we will be opening two new classes for SEN specific pupils. SP-EYFS and SP-Social and Communitcation classes will work alongside the rest of our school to make the most of their primary experience, regardless of SEN needs. 

All pupils follow the Northern Ireland Curriculum with a flexible approach which is tailored to the individual needs of each child within the constraints of a mainstream educational setting. Pupil needs may be complex and include academic, learning, social, emotional, behavioural, medical and physical and will be supported appropriately in school.

The Learning Support department consists of:

  • Mrs E Beattie (Principal)
  • Mr C Darragh (Learning Support Co-ordinator)
  • Mrs S Smith (SEN Adult Assistant)
  • Miss S Dickson (SEN Adult Assistant)
  • Miss E Gillespie (SEN Adult Assistant)
  • Miss L Baird (SEN Adult Assistant)
  • Miss M Boyd (SEN Adult Assistant)
  • Miss L Kennedy (SEN Adult Assistant)

This support is supplemented by the Education Authority services and specialist agencies. The Learning Support team also work closely with the school’s Child Protection team and School Counsellor to provide pastoral support.

All teachers at Wheatfield Primary School are teachers of SEN and therefore are all involved in the identification and support of pupils with additional needs in their classroom.

SEN Adult Assistants are allocated to our pupils who carry a formal Statement of Special Educational Needs on an individual needs basis but are also directed by the teachers to assist all pupils on the SEN Code of Practice. Our Adult Assistants have a wide range of skills to offer in supporting pupils directly and indirectly, assisting staff and working with parents and carers.

We at Wheatfield Primary School are committed to providing a warm, supportive and caring environment for SEN pupils who will thrive and be nurtured on the journey to reach their full potential.

If any parent would like to discuss their child's needs, please make contact with Mrs McDonald (School Secretary) to arrange an appointment with either your child's Class Teacher or the Learning Support Co-ordinator, Mr Darragh.


Learning Support Team

Mr C Darragh
Mr C Darragh

Primary 6 Teacher

Learning Support Coordinator